Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Club Reading List

I am so excited that we've come up with a reading list for BYOB Book Club. I can't wait to dive into these good reads over the next year and discuss them with a great group of fun women!

Based on our group recommendations (we started with 40, narrowed that down to 27 based on what people had already read), we came up with these eight great reads for 2011-12.


September: The Wrong Mother, Sophie Hannah

November: Loving Frank, Nancy Horan


January: Maze Runner, James Dashner

March: Blindness, Jose Saramago

May: Delirium, Lauren Oliver

July: The Lonely Polygamist, Brady Udal

September: Freedom, Jonathan Franzen

November: Never Let Me Go, Kazu Ishaguro

1 comment:

  1. Our book club is going to ROCK!!! I'm excited to meet the other ladies!